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Welcome in Tips & Tricks section. You will find here a lot of useful and often very simple tricks which will help you with spine, back and neck problems. You will also learn what is important when you want to buy the best office chair.

4 Quality & Cheap Herman Miller Alternatives
Your budget is limited but you want to buy a good office chair that will help you with your neck or lower back pain? Here you will find 4 great alternatives for Herman Miller chairs.

Choosing The Best Office Chair For Petite Person – TOP 4 Options
We prepared new ranking of 4 best office chairs, most comfortable for short and skinny people. Whether your budget is $200 or $1000, you’ll find there something for you!

How To Choose The Best Ergonomic Office Chair For Lower Back Pain? (+ Tricks How To Deal With Pain)
If you want to relieve your lower back pain this article is for you. Tips & tricks how to choose the best chair for this kind of problems and advices on how to deal with back pain.

The Best Computer Chair For Overweight People – 4 Great Examples
Struggling with choosing the proper chair for you? Here you can find 4 awesome examples of chairs for overweight people.

Best Ergonomic Secretarial Chairs – Top 3 Choices
If you need quite cheap but good enough chair for your employees in this article you will find the best models!

Best Chair For Scoliosis – 6 Amazing Recommendations For Every Budget
Find out what features to look out for when choosing the right chair for scoliosis. We also share insight about standing desks for patients with scoliosis.

Best Office Chairs For Fibromyalgia (+ 3 Useful Gadgets)
Do you suffer from fibromyalgia? Feel instant relief with one of these 3 awesome office chairs.

Computer Chair With Rollerblade Wheels – Which One Should I Choose (Or Which Casters Should I Buy)?
Your chair is not rolling smoothly? Or maybe you want to protect your floor from being scratched? Here you will find the solution!

What Is The Best Office Chair After Back Surgery? 3 Ergonomic Products
If you just went through back surgery you just have to get a good, ergonomic office chair. Check these 3 awesome examples.

4 Great Office Chairs For Pregnant Woman
Working during pregnancy is not easy. But with these 2 awesome chairs it can be much better.

3 Best Office Chairs for Tailbone Pain
If tailbone pain is killing you, check this article to find best office chairs for this kind of pain.

How To Clean An Office Chair – DYI Cleaning Tips
Wondering how to clean an office chair at home, without spending money on a cleaning company or expensive equipment? Check our simple tips on how to clean fabric, mesh and leather chairs. Your old office chair will shine like new! 

How To Create An Ergonomic Workspace
Whether you’re organizing your home office or business office, you should do it in an ergonomic way. It will help you to feel more comfortable at work and avoid back soreness.

Sitting Is The New Smoking – Diseases Linked To Sitting
In this article we focus on diseases that are related to prolonged sitting. There are 14 diseased that people who sit too much each day are more likely to develop!

Does Back Pain Influence Your Productivity?
Medical studies show that back pain is a common issue among workers who spend multiple hours a day in seated position. How can you improve your posture (and efficiency) at work?

How To Maintain A Healthy Posture When Working On Laptop
When you’re using laptop as your main computer, it’s easy to develop back problems. See how to sit correctly and prevent neck and back pain.

Back Pain From Sitting – What Are The Symptoms & How To Relieve It
Poor Sitting Posture is the “new smoking”. It may lead it serious back problems. Find out how sitting causes back soreness, what are the most common symptoms and how to avoid it. There are also 3 useful tips for people who sit in work for multiple hours a day.

Sitting Or Standing At Work – What Is Better For Your Spine?
In this article we discuss positive and negative effects of sitting and standing for multiple hours a day at work. Is sit-stand desk a good solution that allows to avoid back pain?

Stretch Breaks At Work – 5 Tricks To Stay Active At Your Desk Job
Did you know that taking breaks and stretching during work may actually boost your productivity? Find out how to stay active at work with these 5 simple tricks!

What Gaming Chair Does Shroud Use?
Something for die-hard gaming fans. Check your idol gaming chair and the best alternatives if your budget is not high enough.