4 Best Office Chairs For Pregnancy – Make Your Workplace Pregnancy-Friendly + Alternatives For Chairs

by: Scott Pierce (founder, blogger & ergonomic consultant)

To all the pregnant ladies out there: You’re pregnant. That’s not a joke. You have to take care of yourself. Without special chairs for pregnancy,  your office chair can be your worst enemy. It can have an impact on you and your baby.

Without a chair that gives proper lumbar support, after long hours your sitting position and body posture start to give you extreme lower back pain. The position you’re in offers no support, chairs offer no support, and everything hurts.

Sound familiar? This list of pregnancy chairs and other gadgets can help you get the support you need to sit comfortably. 

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When you sit all day in a non-comfortable chair, you’re bound to end the day with awful back pain.

Living with horrible lower back pain isn’t on anyone’s list of fun things to do. Proper posture and a comfortable chair can give you the comfort and support you need to sit pain free.

Best Office Chair For Pregnancy

Here on this lifesaver of a list, I’ll tell you all about pregnancy chairs that’ll kick your old office chair to the curb.

Say “goodbye” to back pain, and “hello” to the best chairs for pregnancy.

4 Awesome Office Chairs For Pregnant Women

1. Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair (Mid-budget Option)

Duramont Chair with rollerblade wheels and mesh back

If you feel your back and neck too much then it means that support in your current chair is not enough.

This chair helps with sitting during pregnancy because not only is the headrest height-adjustable to improve body posture and lessen strain, but the soft, breathable backrest will keep you cool even in the hottest of weather.

Duramont office chair for pregnant ladies has anyone caught sitting for long hours in any position leaving rave reviews.

Many women swear this is the best office chair for the price since it comes with full 120 degree adjustability for maximum support to put you in a position for maximum lower back pain relief.\

But hey, why you don’t check reviews by yourself? There’s nothing better than already proven reviews of other people. You can check them here.

What makes it the best chair for pregnant ladies?What are the cons?
  • No more neck pain Having a height-adjustable headrest is a total game-changer when it comes to supporting your neck muscles and upper trap muscles. Moving the headrest up or down as needed helps relieve that tension and muscle fatigue from too long sitting.

  • Your posture will improve The soft, 3D adjustable armrests provide additional support for your elbows, which helps maintain good sitting posture and avoid slouching.

  • Keep your back in check Dynamic, thoughtful design provides lumbar support and lower back pain relief to immerse you in a more comfortable sitting experience for longer.

  • No width or pivot angle adjustment Armrests can only get adjusted for height and depth considerations; there are no width or pivot angle adjustments.

2. WorkPro Quantum 9000 Series Ergonomic Mesh Mid-Back Chair (Higher-Budget Option)

This is a great office chair for pregnancy, and highly recommended by many pregnant ladies. The WorkPro Quantum 9000 will give you superior comfort and support to eliminate back pain for good. Hands down the best office chair if you’re looking for value, adjustability, and a full 360 degree swivel.

The WorkPro Quantum 9000 has a springy mesh bottom, designed specifically to eliminate pain in the tailbone area and improve overall support.

That’s not all these soft seat cushions boast about, though. It has a waterfall shape which means the seat itself is curved, and the edge slightly slopes downward. This way, when experiencing pregnancy, it helps to reduce pressure on your thighs and eliminate strain on your knees. WorkPro 9000 Series Series is very good Herman Miller Aeron Knockoff

The overall adjustability of this comfortable chair deserves special notice, as well.

Being adjustable is one of the most important aspects of any office chair for pregnancy.

High adjustability is another feature that pregnant women love about WorkPro Quantum 9000. People generally love having multiple adjustments on their office chairs, but this is especially important during pregnancy. By adjusting the back support to your body, you can increase the overall comfort of your sitting position, and reduce or totally eliminate back pain. 

Apart from adjustable chair height and seat depth, WorkPro 9000 features an adjustable S-shaped backrest. There is curved part for lumbar support which is not adjustable, but you can move the whole backrest up and down for optimal support. Thanks to that you can adjust it to your height and your spine’s natural curves, which earns the WorkPro Quantum 9000 a spot on our list of top 10 pregnancy chairs.

The angle of this pregnancy chair’s backrest is adjustable as well, turning it into an ideal recliner chair as well.

This is all designed to help you to decrease your lower back pain and provide superior lumbar support for maximum comfort when you sit.

For user’s convenience there are also adjustable armrests – you can set them higher or lower and change their angle depending on what you need from WorkPro’s best pregnancy chair. The fully adjustable arm rests give this chair the ability to totally mitigate wrist pain and fatigue during writing and typing (which we usually do for many hours each day).

Overall Dimensions: 37 1/2in. to 43 3/4in.H x 29 1/2in.W x 28in.D. Weight capacity tested to support up to 250 lbs as an office chair for pregnancy.

And this office chair has the Amazon rave reviews from pregnant ladies to back up all the hype.

Women love the WorkPro 9000’s superior lumbar support, 360 degree swivel, and seat designed to eliminate lower back pain.

Sit on a WorkPro 9000 and feel how the difference in the position can help you and your unborn baby relax.

3. Storkcraft Hoop Glider and Ottoman (Maximum Comfort)

But what if you need a good chair while you for on your laptop?

This is another high-end option for maximum comfort and support in a chair during pregnancy. Make sitting during pregnancy for long hours easy with enough space and added storage pockets. The Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider features a padded seat and arm cushions for the best lumbar support out there. This is one of the best office chairs for pregnancy on the market.

Storcraft - is it the best chair for pregnant ladies?

This desk chair also doubles as a rocking chair, so even after pregnancy mother and baby relax together in a sitting position. Soft with a high back, this chair finishes high above many other chairs designed to make pregnancy more comfortable.

Many pregnant ladies use this chair all throughout their pregnancy, and they testify to the chair’s ability to alleviate back pain, improve body posture, and give superior lumbar support against other chairs from competitors.

Maximum Recommended Weight 250 pounds

The material of the chair is soft, easy-to-clean, water resistant, and durable polyester fabric. Thanks to that you shouldn’t have problems with cleaning it and sitting should be comfortable. Many pregnant women on the Internet (also on Amazon reviews) say they can work for long hours in one position using this recliner chair. They appreciate its softness which helps when they need to work longer.

This chair requires minimal assembly, with Amazon reviews claiming as little as 10 minutes. The glider and padded seat of this chair really set it apart not just from midrange price options, but other premium price options as well. Compare to the babyletto kiwi electronic power and the kiwi electronic power recliner office chair models, and it’s obvious that one of the best chairs suitable for pregnancy (the Storkcraft Hoop glider) combines superior features with superior value.

What makes it the best chair for pregnant ladies?What are the cons?
  • You will finally feel relaxed The Storkcraft Hoop Glider has a generous amount of seating room, comfortable padded arm cushions with convenient pockets, and completely enclosed metal ball bearings for maximum smoothness while rocking. This is smooth gliding you won’t be able to find in any other chairs on the market.

  • Child-safe and non-toxic base The Storkcraft Hoop Glider and Ottoman is the best office chair for any nursery because this glider is available in multiple child-safe and non-toxic base and cushion colors. The cushions are made of a durable polyester fabric that is spot-cleanable. They are also water resistant.

  • The brand which cares about you and your children Storkcraft is one of the foremost brands in manufacturing quality furniture for infants, toddlers, kids and teens. With 70 years of experience, Storkcraft is really the master of pregnancy chairs

  • It’s not assembled This product requires around 30 minutes to completely assemble, and does not come pre-assembled as a suitable chair for pregnancy.

  • No 360 degree swivel One tradeoff of the Storkcraft Hoop Glider is the lack of 360 degree swivel potential. That being said, how many recliners can you think of with 360 degree anything, let alone 360 degree swivel?

4. Steelcase Leap (Premium Option)

This is a high-end office chair, much more expensive than the previous model. But trust me, in terms of features to eliminate pain, the Steelcase Leap is worth every penny. Lots of users praise it as the best office chair for quality, boasting about awesome features that will serve you well throughout your entire pregnancy and beyond.

The S-shaped backrest is equipped with adjustable lumbar support so that you can slide the backrest up and down to wherever you need it to make this the best chair for your home office or nursery. But certainly that’s not all that makes this an ideal chair for pregnant ladies.

In addition to a full 360 degree swivel, this pregnancy chair offers maximum lumbar support in any position due to the adjustable high back support.

This makes the chair best suited for anyone who is or may become pregnant while working from a home office.

It will help you to reduce the back pain which often occurs during the pregnancy. If your ribs and upper back are prone to hurting too, you might have just found the best pregnancy chair for you to finally replace that old, uncomfortable office chair with.

There are also 5 different settings for the backrest angle of the chair so you can you can adjust how far it reclines for one REALLY comfortable chair experience.

>> Check Latest PriceSteelcase Leap - Ranking of the best chairs for pregnant ladies

But that’s not all. While the Steelcase Leap does have a padded seat,  more importantly it features adjustable overall seat depth.

Customization is the name of the game when choosing an office chair for the duration of your pregnancy. You can set the seat depth of the chair closer or further from the backrest, depending on whatever is optimally comfortable for your legs.

This function of the chair allows pregnant ladies to find the best, most supportive position for their thighs, as well as their hips and pelvic area.

This luxury office chair for pregnant ladies also has 4D armrests that adjust in four different directions: height, width, depth and angle (pivot). If you spend many hours a day typing on your laptop, this feature will be a lifesaver. It will help to minimize the stress on your neck, shoulders, and forearms plus the chair will work with you to reduce any wrist pain you might feel.

But we’re not done with why the Steelcase Leap is a contender for the title, “best office chair for pregnancy”.

The backrest follows the user movements and changes its shape to always support your spine and provide maximum lumbar support while your body is relaxing in the chair. 

In addition, the high back and spring core are specifically designed and manufactured to allow for airflow and durability, giving maximum breathability, comfort, and steadfastness. Sit on a Steelcase Leap today and feel the difference.

There is also a notable feature called the “Natural Glide System” . That means this chair seat is designed to glide smoothly forward as the user reclines their body. Thanks to that there is less stress on you, which makes this an ideal office chair during pregnancy.

The 360 degree swivel will also show that the Steelcase leap is among the best office chair options for pregnant ladies. If your qualifier for “best chair” is mobility and

The seat edge is flexible therefore it minimizes the pressure on your thighs and the back of your knees. It’s very important feature especially for women who have problems with blood circulation and leg numbness during pregnancy.

As you can see Steelcase Leap has even more adjustments than WorkPro Quantum 9000 Series and all of these features help pregnant women reduce symptoms which often intensify during long hours of sitting: back ache, rib pain, coccyx pain or leg numbness and swelling.

Pregnant woman will have some of these symptoms anyway, but good-quality and comfortable chair will help to at least reduce the pain and get through the workday.

Ball Pregnancy Chairs– Are They a Viable Replacement as a Chair for Pregnancy?

ball chair for pregnant woman

Sometimes, even such good chairs like Steelcase Leap and WorkPro 9000 may not help everyone with pain. Besides, getting a new office chair can cost more than some people are willing to spend, even with all the added features

There is however a cheaper alternative designed to improve user posture, strengthen core muscles and help especially with hip and tailbone pain. If any standard office chair is uncomfortable for you, you should definitely try chair ball.

According to many physiotherapists and midwifes, these as an alternative to your normal office chair have been proven to impact users positively if used properly and consistently during the pregnancy. Who knew you’d be looking at something more at home in a yoga room for your next best office chair?

If fact, you can find on the market special chairs suitable for pregnancy. What is a ball chair? It is similar to the one you would use in yoga, but it has a base with 4 wheel casters and a short backrest to provide optimal lumbar support. This office chair for pregnancy is in a very unique position to help you out as you work from home!

Here are the basic rules how to pick the best office chair to meet and exceed all your chair wants and needs. Below you can also see two models that are highly recommended.

ergonomic ball chair for pregnancy

The chair ball should be chosen properly to user’s height. If you’re taller (let’s say above 5’7’’) you should pick a bigger model.

You must properly inflate your chair, to avoid numbness in your buttocks.

This chair encourages you to maintain proper posture as well,(It’s REALLY hard to hunch when you use one of these.) and helps to straighten your core. In the beginning you shouldn’t sit on it very long, because the core workout might be too much for you to maintain for long hours.

When your body gets used to it, you can use it as your office chair or you can sit on it for half a day at work and then switch to your regular office chair – whatever is more convenient for you.

This is the best office chair for stretching while pregnant, because it allows the belly to hang freely.

This office chair may help people who experience the following pains:

  • lower back
  • hips
  • sacrum
  • pelvic area
  • tailbone

This is also the best office chair to get your unborn baby in the best position for birth!

What Makes this the Ideal Chair for Pregnant Ladies?

1. Gaiam Classic Balance Chair

gaiam balance ball chair for pregnant woman>> Check Latest Price

This is probably the most popular ball chair, used by many people as alternative desk chair.

It comes with a removable 52-centimeter (about 20.5 inches) exercise ball with air pump, secure ball holder, 4 wheel casters (2 rear ones are lockable) and adjustable back support.

According to the manufacturer this ball chair is suitable for users from 5 feet to 5’11’’ tall.

It may serve as an office chair alternative, especially for those who spend many hours per day at the desk. Many users agree that it helps to soothe the back ache. And when you’re pain-free you can focus on your work and be more creative and effective.

2. LuxFit Exercise Ball Chair

luxfit ball chair pregnancy>> Check Latest Price

This is another ball chair recommended for pregnancy. It helps to relieve the pressure on spine, as well as stretch hips and engage your core.

It has been used by many pregnant women and they praise it for helping with lower back and hip ache. Moreover, lots of user agree this chair ball helps to improve posture.

The set includes: exercise ball that can be inflated up to 22-25 inches, air pump, chair base and 4 wheel casters (2 are lockable).

According to women who have been using these two ball chairs during pregnancy, the main advantages are:

  • They take the pressure off of the lower back (read review here)
  • They are flexible and allows hips to rest more comfortably and stretch
  • They help with back, pelvic and rib pain (read review here)
  • They help to strengthen core muscles (read review here)
  • These chairs give good stability and lower back rest
  • They prevent you from slouching and helps to keep healthy posture
  • They help with back tension during pregnancy
  • They keep you from crossing your legs (it would be really uncomfortable to sit with legs crossed)
  • They don’t put such a big pressure on tailbone as standard office chair and help to alleviate discomfort from sitting
  • You can always pull the ball out and use it for exercising

There are however few drawbacks as well:

  • May not fit every desk
  • Toward the end of the pregnancy it may be more difficult to get on and off the ball
  • There are no armrests which you could use to lift yourself up
  • Inflating the ball properly takes some effort

3 Useful Accessories For Your Pregnancy That Make Sitting More Comfortable

Lumbar Support Pillow

lumbar support for office chair after surgery>> Check Latest Price

Removable lumbar pillow is perfect solution for those who cannot purchase a new office chair for pregnancy. It can be easily attached to many different chairs and even to a car seat – thanks to that you will always have your lumbar well supported.

This Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Back Cushion has been used by many pregnant ladies and lots of them agree it helps with back pain. And thanks to adjustable straps you can use it wherever you need to.

Donut Seat Cushion

donut seat cushion>> Check Latest Price

This is another useful gadget in turning any old chair into your next best chair with minimal cost investment.

Lots of women has been using this Kieba Donut Tailbone Cushion during pregnancy. It helps not only with pregnancy pains (like lower back and coccyx pain), but it can be also very useful during postpartum recovery.


footstool is great accessory when you are pregnant

Pregnant women often complain about swollen feet and ankles, especially when they spend many hours in seated position.

According to many women having something to prop the feet up really helps a lot. It may improve blood flow and prevent you from numbness as well as relieve the discomfort.

Some of women use boxes or computer tower at their work, however there are some great and quite cheap footstools that you can purchase for example on Amazon.

Mind Reader Adjustable Height Ergonomic Foot Rest offers multiple tilt angles and height settings. By keeping your feet elevated it helps to improve the circulation.

There is also another useful, adjustable stool – My Brest Friend Nursing Stool. You can use it not only during the pregnancy to relive your swollen ankles but also for during your baby.

You’ll be surprised but having a good support for your feet may also relive the stress on your back and neck and help you maintain healthy posture.

6 Tips For Staying Comfortable At Work During Pregnancy

Having the right chair, good lumbar support and a footstool is crucial, but there are also few other things that you should remember to make yourself more comfortable at work.

  1. Some pregnant women recommend adjusting the tilt angle and tension on the office chair so it doesn’t lean back too far and too easily.
  2. Week after week your belly gets bigger and you slowly get further away from your office desk. As you try to reach for your keyboard and mouse you may strain your neck and shoulder. It may be necessary to get an ergonomic desk extender that will provide proper support for your forearms, as well as prevent you from overreaching.
  3. Sit at the correct height and set your screen at proper height (it should be i line with your eyebrows).
  4. Use chair armrest to help yourself with standing up and sitting down. This way it will be easier on your back and shoulder. Choose a chair with strong arms!
  5. Never leave your feet dangling from your office chair (or any other chair or sofa) – it would only intensify swelling. Your feet your be placed flat on the floor while your knees are at 90-degree angle. If the chair is too high for you, use a footstool. It will help to relive your swollen and sore feet and improve blood flow.
  6. Stand up and walk for a while

If you work at the desk during your pregnancy you should never forget about standing up and walking around your office for at least 5 minutes, every 30-60 minutes. It will improve your overall blood flow and help to relive the back pain.

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