Choosing The Best Office Chair For Petite Person – TOP 4 Options

by: Scott Pierce (founder, blogger & ergonomic consultant)

Best Office Chair For Petite PersonSmall people have a couple of challenges that tall folks will never understand. In an office setup, one of these problems is choosing the best office chair for petite person. The issue with most typical ergonomic office seats is that they are designed with average-size folks in mind. By average-size, I’m referring to person between 5’6″ and 5’10”.

Even when scaled down to the lowest setting, it’s practically hard to “convert” a chair that’s meant for these users to accommodate a short person. The only surefire way to ensure optimum comfort and ergonomic support for this category of people is to get a chair that is designed and engineered for them right from the factory.

Top 4 Computer Chairs For Petite People – Reviews

In this post, I’ve analyzed four best chairs for small people that you can buy in 2020. These are the models that tick most boxes, including seat height adjustment, seat width and depth, and breathability among others.

1. Smugdesk Mid-Back Chair

Smugdesk is a name that you’ll come across a lot in your search for an inexpensive office chair for short people. The model that I’m reviewing here is the 1839G – a trendy chair that tends to interest most people who want something reliable, yet affordable.

Let’s kick off this Smugdesk 1839G review by zooming in on the dimensions.

This office chair has a pneumatic system that adjusts its seat height from 17.52″ to 21.26″ to accommodate most petite and average size individuals that weigh 250 lbs and below. The seat pan itself has a width and depth of 18.5″ and 16.33″ respectively. These 2 dimensions fall right within the range that I recommend when buying an ergonomic chair for petite people.

SMUGDESK Mid-Back Office Chair for small people
SMUGDESK Mid-Back Office Chair is the most affordable option in our ranking. This chair doesn’t have many adjustments but it does have S-shaped backrest with lumbar support

Provided you adjust the seat height to the perfect position, I believe this is a chair that will let you enjoy optimum support from the backrest without the edge digging into the back of your thighs.

Regarding your comfort, this Smugdesk office chair comes integrated with a lumbar cushion. What’s cool is that this cushion is angled to take your back’s natural shape. In other words, it supports your delicate spine without you putting any effort. 

Importantly, this chair has a breathable, thick, and resilient seat and a mesh backrest to promote air circulation. It also has a tilt mode that lets you rock back when relaxing. The casters can rotate 360 degrees to make moving around your office easy and effortless. 

The only minor complaint that I have against this Smugdesk is that its armrests are not adjustable. However, considering how cheap is this chair, it’s a minor inconvenience.

SMUGDESK Mid-Back Office Chair
If you are short and skinny, and have small budget – this chair is a good choice

What Other Customers Think About This Chair

Going through the Smugdesk office chair reviews on Amazon, the feedback from current users is in line with what I think about this chair. Most people highlight that it’s a beautiful and comfortable office chair for people on a budget. The mesh backrest has also been mentioned quite a lot by most people noting that it helps in preventing excessive sweating.

There is divided opinion on the issue of assembling the chair, though. While most people say that it was a breeze for them, others note that attaching the backrest was somewhat tricky. However, most of them agree that the manual comes in handy, and it’s easy to follow.

Read Customer Reviews On Amazon & Check Current Price

2. DXRacer Formula Series

Our next recommendation in these reviews will make a really good purchase if you’re looking for an affordable DXRacer gaming chair for short person. It’s engineered purposely for sitting for long hours, no matter if you spend that time in front of the computer or TV, playing or working. As such, it will also come in handy if you spend a lot of hours working in your office.

First things first, this chair is recommended for person with heights of up to 5’8″ and it has a maximum weight capacity of 200 lbs.

DXRacer Formula
DXRacer Formula (here you can see the version with mesh fabric upholstery) is a gaming chair for small person – it also fits nicely in a home office

When fully assembled, the Formula has a maximum overall height of 50″, but you can also dial it down to 46″. Most petite people are going to appreciate that the seat height adjusts from 16″ (lowest) through 19.5″. The actual seat pan has a width of 14″ and a depth of 18.5″.

As a seat that’s made for sitting for long hours, this model has a very thick padding both on the seat and the backrest.

Importantly, you can get it in 3 different covers: polyurethane leather, mesh fabric, and carbon-look vinyl. Most gamers tend to gravitate towards the fabric cover as it’s more breathable (you can find the DXRacer Formula Strong Mesh version on Amazon). However, if you prefer a smooth finish (and don’t have tendency to sweat a lot), you’ll be better off with PU leather or carbon look vinyl.

DXRacer gaming chairs are all about adjustments and full ergonomic support, and the Formula Series is not an exception. The backrest, for instance, can tilt from an upright position to 135 degrees and lots of other positions in between when it’s time for a short break. Also, you can adjust the armrests up or down. There is also more “advanced” version of DXRacer Formula Series chair and it has 3D arms. Of course this version is more pricey.

Even better, this gaming chair has an adjustable lumbar pillow that supports your back just where you need it. It also has a removable headrest that ensures that your neck is supported too.

DXRacer Formula Series - Multiple Fabric & Color Versions
You can choose material for the upholstery of DXRacer Formula Series chair. In the top line you can see mesh + PU Leather upholstery, in the bottom line you can see the Carbon Look Vinyl + PU Leather upholstery

What Other Customers Think About This Chair

Going by DXRacer Formula Series reviews and feedback from current users, there’s no doubt that this is quite a popular gaming chair.

Most people are intrigued by the quality of its construction, which is evident from the metallic base to the cover and stitches.

Regarding the feel of the chair, most people note that it feels firm at first, but it gets much more comfortable after breaking it in for a few days.

The reclining feature has received a lot of praise, too, since it allows you to lock it in your preferred reclined position when resting.

Of course, this chair has its not-so-good side too. For instance, a few current users say that at its price, it should have a tilt lock at least, and I agree (FYI, tilt lock is a function that allows you to lock the whole chair in tilted position, not only the backrest).

Also, current users seem to have a love-hate feeling for the headrest. While a section of them thinks that it’s comfortable, another one says that it’s not well padded for their liking.

Read Customer Reviews On Amazon & Check Current Price

3. Herman Miller Aeron Size A

Herman Miller Aeron is an out-of-this-world ergonomic workhorse that is changing the way people sit. I can’t deny that this model is quite pricey. However, as its 12-year unlimited warranty depicts, you’re getting tons of value for your money here not only in durability but in comfort and support too.

Herman Miller Aeron Size A for petite person
Herman Miller Aeron come sin 3 sizes. The smallest one – size A – is perfect for petite and skinny person

This office chair comes in 3 sizes: A, B, and C. Herman Miller size A is the smallest of the 3, and it’s marketed towards individuals who want to buy the best office chair for petite person.

It has a total height of 38.5″ from the floor to the tip of the backrest. Its seat height adjusts from 14.75″ to 19″ and it has a width of 25.75″ and a depth of 16″.

The Herman Miller has a very solid construction comprising of a metallic frame and base plus a mesh seat and backrest. Not to worry about its level of comfort, the mesh fabric of this chair is tightly woven for durability, but it’s also flexible to contour to your shape. Overall, it creates a sense of floating. Even better, unlike your typical heavily-padded chair, you never have to worry about getting sweaty with the Aeron thanks to its excellent air circulation.

As a way of keeping its price slightly down, Herman Miller sells this chair in 3 styles. The most basic form features a basic backrest with non-adjustable lumbar support, standard tilt, stationary armrests with standard arm pads, and basic 2.5” carpet casters.

This chair is still usable in this form, but it’s not the most supportive from an ergonomic standpoint. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to upgrade it, including adding 3D adjustable armrests and a tilt limiter. If your budget allows you to get only one upgrade, though, I’d advise getting the PostureFIT SL backrest with fully adjustable lumbar support. This is an integral component that supports the base of your spine to prevent slouching. You can adjust its position (height and depth).

Herman Miller Aeron chair with PostureFit SL
If you decide to spend a few dollar extra, you can get the Herman Miller Aeron chair with PostureFit SL backrest which is fully adjustable and provides amazing support for you back

What Other Customers Think About This Chair

The Herman Milller Aeron is one of the most popular office chairs today. Most people appreciate the feeling of floating in the air and the fact that it does not get hot.

For those who’ve given the chair a facelift, the lumbar support seems to be the most important bit for them. The adjustable armrests have received lots of reviews too. 

However, current users advise buying this chair directly from the manufacturer or Amazon (not 3rd party dealers). This guarantees that you are getting it with the manufacturer 12-year warranty. 

Visit Amazon To Read More Customer Reviews & Buy Herman Miller Aeron

4. Herman Miller Sayl

For those who prefer Herman Miller office chair with a padded seat, I give you the Herman Miller Sayl. This model is much more affordable compared to the Aeron above, even with all the upgrades.  

The total height of this chair ranges from 33.75″ to 40.75″, while the seat height moves from 15.5″ to 20″. The width of the chair is 24.5″, while the usable depth of seat pan is 16″. This size makes Herman Miller Sayl chair perfect for short and skinny people.

Herman Miller Sayl - chair for petite person
Herman Miller Sayl is probably the most stylish chair for petite person

This chair’s spotlight is its incredible level of adjustability. With all the upgrades in place, the Herman Miller Sayl will allow you to play around with pretty much everything from adjusting the seat depth to lumbar support. You’ll also be able to change the height of armrests. Of course all these adjustments will cost you more. Make sure you’re getting the right chair with the feature you need.

Sayl is among a few other chairs out there that offer you so many adjustment options. This makes it possible to customize the chair to your exact needs, which is vital for people who spend prolonged hours sitting at their desk. 

The generous padding on the seat is yet another key highlight of the Sayl. But what caught my eyes is the hammock-like seatback. In my opinion, this backrest is much more breathable than mesh and should eliminate the issue of sweating completely. 

Oh, there’s something else. Since this is a Herman Miller chair, you get it with a 12-year warranty. 

Herman Miller Sayl with non-adjustable backrest vs adjustable lumbar support
You can get Herman Miller Sayl with non-adjustable backrest (left) or with adjustable lumbar support called PostureFit SL – make sure to choose the right version!

What Other Customers Think About This Chair

A good portion of the feedback that the Herman Sayl office chair has received is positive. Most previous buyers point out at its level of comfort, which is as a result of all the adjustments that it allows. 

Most people also seem intrigued by its incredible yet straightforward design that tends to blend in well with most modern office décor. 

It’s not all praises for the Herman Miller Sayl, though. For instance, some feel that it should come with at least a pair of adjustable armrests included in the basic set. It’s a pity that you have to pay extra for height-adjustable arms. A few others also don’t like the material used for the backrest. 

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That brings us to the end of these reviews of the best office chairs for petite people. Your choice will boil down to your budget and preference. In my experience with these seats, the price tag tends to get higher as you add more features to the chair. The good news, however, is that there’s always a good office chair within your budget. You only need to shop around.

That being said, I hope that I’ve put you in the right direction with these 4 reviews of awesome desk chairs for petite person. 

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