WorkPro 1000 Series Task Chair Review – Full, In-Depth & Honest

by: Scott Pierce (founder, blogger & ergonomic consultant)

The WorkPro 1000 series task chair is not only made out of 95% total recycled content but also features various ergonomic adjustments providing up to 10 hours of comfort.

The chair is stylish but yet functional. It comes with several adjustment levels including the armrests height, seat height, and seat depth. A distinguished look that makes the WorkPro 1000 series unique is the use of adaptable mesh material for the seat and backrest. The mesh is great at keeping you cool but long-term comfort and reliability is another story.

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TL; DR – What makes this chair favored over other comparable ones

  1. The chair retails for $250 but usually goes on sale for just $145 making it a better choice than most similarly classed chairs.
  2. The use of the black breathable mesh material for the seat and back makes it cooler than other chairs that only use the mesh on the backrest.
  3. The minimalistic, clean, and stylish design makes it a good addition to your home setup.
  4. Its mid-back design and height make it suitable for average-height and short people between 5’ 1” to 5’ 8”.

Its build is respectable but yet disappointing in a few areas after months of use. As much as the specifications of the WorkPro 1000 are great, the question remains whether its durability affects its overall benefits.

WorkPro 1000 series task chair

This WorkPro 1000 Series review will dive into the popular WorkPro 1000 series with a clear focus on its features and its uniqueness. The eventual verdict will be based on whether the chair satisfies its targeted demographic of home office workers with 8-10 hours of daily use.

What we like about the WorkPro 1000 Series Task Chair 

1. Design and aesthetics

The WorkPro 1000 is a mid-back task chair. It uses an eccentric design that separates the backrest from the seat. The separation of the two allows for more adjustment support. The use of a black, breathable, transparent mesh on the backrest provides a cooler feel while sitting down.

The breathable mesh material is also used to make the sturdy seat. Using a chair with a mesh design allows you to keep your body cool rather than warm while sitting down for hours.

The mesh allows for airflow through the backrest and seat into your body. Cushioned backrests and seats on the other hand make you warm and increase the chances of sweating.

It only comes in black, a color that most people won’t mind especially because it is meant to be an office chair. The color, bundled up with the modern desk chair design, allows for the WorkPro 1000 series to fit into any office space.

WorkPro 1000 series task chair

The unique S-curve that can be seen at the lower back is meant to provide lumbar support.

Stellar lumbar support cannot be understated since it promotes great posture by maintaining the lower spine’s natural curve. Lumbar support is usually done by bridging the gap between the seat and the lumbar spine.

WorkPro 1000 chair weights 20.3 making it a lightweight desk chair that is easy to move and assemble. The product dimensions are 26 x 23.75 x 38.5 inches with an assembled height of 41.5 inches, assembled width of 27.75 inches, and assembled seat height of 18.5 inches.

2. Assembling

Like most modern office chairs, the WorkPro 1000 series chair comes in parts that will need to be assembled.

The overall purchase package contains the assembling parts, a hex wrench, user manual, and assembly instructions. It also comes with five screws for assembling –two for the armrests and three for the backrest.

The process of putting it together is easy. All you have to do is:

  1. Connect the five given wheels to the 5-point starbase.
  2. Carefully take the seat part of the chair and attach it to the base.
  3. Proceed to slide in the armrests onto the seat’s sides. Secure them with the two armrest screws.
  4. Finally, the backrest finishes the assembly by attaching it to the base of the seat using the three backrest screws.

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3. Built from 95% recycled material

A lot of companies are advocating for eco-friendly methods of manufacturing and producing products such as chairs. The manufactures of the WorkPro 1000 series are no exception. They have allegedly used post-consumer content to make 95% of the chair. We assume that the remaining 5% is made of new materials.

We are constantly shifting our minds to more environmentally friendly products because of the worldwide implications. Regardless of the truth to the 95 % recycled material jargon, a lot of people will line up to get this chair based on that one factor.

It is a unique feature that will differentiate it from other chairs for sure. However, the value it adds to the chair is just a matter of opinion.

4. Adjustment options

The WorkPro 1000 series task chair has height adjustments, seat depth adjustments, a recline feature, and adjustable armrests.

The armrests can be adjusted to move up and down for height adjustment. They can also be rotated to give more comfort and ergonomics. The recline feature lets your chair tilt backward, regulates the rigidity of the tilt, and also lets you lock into place.

The chair height adjustment feature uses a pneumatic cylinder adjuster to move the height within a span of 19 inches and 22.64 inches.

On the other hand, the seat depth adjuster allows you to control the seat depth using a control cable mechanism. This process is done by providing enough room between the back of your knee and the seat’s front.  Proper seat depth adjustments help users maintain a good posture for back support while spreading their mass equally throughout the seat cushion.

What we don’t like about the WorkPro 1000 Series

1. Lumbar adjustment

The WorkPro 1000 series task chair provides lumbar support using the S-curve design. A good number of chair manufacturers will make chairs that provide lumbar support using the S-curve or bulky lumbar cushions.

More premium and well-built designs will take it up a notch to provide adjustable lumbar support with height and depth adjustments.

The lumbar support here is not adjustable but it is still sturdy and makes sure your back is comfortable and well-rested.

People who experience lower back pains, or individuals who enjoy the extra adjustments won’t like this lumbar support, and neither do we. A retail price point of $250 is quite expensive for a chair that excludes the adjustable feature.

Similarly priced chairs such as the Duramount Ergonomic office chair, not only come with adjustable lumbar support, but also a more durable build.

2. Durability

Several customers have reported durability issues with the WorkPro 1000 series task chair. The major durability problem is in the mesh seat. After a few months of use, the mesh seat loses its resistance and starts to sink inwards. The seat will eventually sag regardless of the maximum weight limit. Users with lower weight capacities than 250 pounds have experienced this sagging effect.

WorkPro 1000 series task chair

The sagging effect brings into question the durability of other parts as well, such as the pneumatic air pump used for adjustments. Some users have reported air pump leakage that makes the adjustable mechanisms weaker and looser. A leaking air pump will result in you having to adjust the chair’s orientations more often than you normally would.

3. The rolling casters

The chair has nylon casters. The plastic casters are durable and made for hard office floors. The combination of the durable build and plastic material makes the casters unsuitable for soft carpeted floors.

You may be pushed to replace the nylon rolling casters with rubberized casters depending on your floor. The use of rubberized casters may have been a better choice than the manufacturers would have gone with to make it more versatile.

4. Armrest

Our main complaint is with the adjustable armrests. The WorkPro parks a good range of lovable features but it is the cut on the quality of the armrests that make us discontented with the chair.

While the armrests are adjustable, they do not lock into place correctly after you adjust the height or rotate them.

5. The maximum weight capacity

Similar chairs usually come with a maximum weight capacity of 275 lbs. As much as the WorkPro 1000 series task chair has a relatively close 250 lbs. rating, we still find it entirely restricting for some people.

What users say about the chair

1. A decent chair with a higher price tag

The $250 price of the WorkPro 1000 series is one of its major dissatisfactions to the customers. The chair provides good features but at a lower quality level than similarly priced products.

You may be able to get an offer for these chairs if you are patient with the retail market, thereby making the high price of $250 a non-factor.

2. Difficult to get part replacements

The chair comes with a limited lifetime warranty. However, if one of the parts such as the wheels malfunction, you will need to return the whole chair and get a new one. The act of disassembling an already assembled chair to return it instead of getting a replacement part is quite inconvenient.

3. The seat is uncomfortable

The seat does not have cushions or any padding apart from the breathable mesh material. Some users have gone as far as comparing it to a bench. The lack of padding or cushions makes you lack the tush support you would need to make it through long working hours.

4. An easy chair to recommend with a few inconveniencies

Most users like the WorkPro 1000 series task chair because of its many adjustments and stylish design. The lightweight feeling of the chair coupled with the mesh textile material make it comfortable and easy to move around.

The durability of the armrests, seat, and adjustments are minor inconveniences that most people will overlook. That is because it will take months or even years before the chair gets largely worn out.

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How it compares to other chairs

For $350, the WorkPro Quantum 9000 series is the big brother to the WorkPro 1000. It boasts only a few extra features such as the use of metallic elements on the backrest. The upgrades also entail an increase in maximum height and added padding on the edge of the seat.

A huge indicator of cheap, unreliable, and fragile chairs is the use of plastic parts on every major part of the chair. Due to the inclusion of metal parts, the WorkPro Quantum 9000 series chair is extremely durable and very heavy. You should expect approximately five years of use with this chair.

The added dimensions make it a 28 x 29.5 x 37.5 inches, 60-pound chair. The mesh that is used on most chair seats is usually too firm and rigid. The Quantum 9000 series chair uses a mesh with medium firmness while still offering the same support as the competition.

Needless to say, the extra features on the 9000 series do not make it a better purchase than the WorkPro 1000 series. It still comes with the same adjustment levels, mid-back design, breathable mesh backrest, and rolling casters.

The durability of the chair, its extra dimensions, and the padding on the edge of the seat may be an added value for some. However, for the majority of office setups, the WorkPro 1000 series is the best pick.

These two models are often compared to the more famous Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic chair. The Aeron comes with worthwhile specifications including adjustable lumbar support, seat angle adjustments, and a considerate maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs. Moreover, Herman Miller has an incredible 12-year warranty which says a lot about its build quality.

Any of these chairs will serve your needs. The deciding factor will come down to price, body size limits, and the need for adjustable lumbar support.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the armrests padded well?

Yes. The armrests of the WorkPro 1000 series task chair are light padded to give you the needed comfort. The padding feels a little bit firm, making it less desirable to some who might prefer a soft feel.

2. Can you add a headrest?

No. Unlike some mid-back-office chairs, the WorkPro 1000 series does not provide an option for adding a headrest. Before purchasing the chair, make sure to take a note of your height and whether you need a headrest for your setup.

3. How do I clean dirt from the mesh seat and backrest?

Cleaning the mesh material is easy. All you need is warm water, mild soap, and a washcloth that won’t damage the fabric. You may use a stain remover too if you have prevalent stains on the mesh materials.

Proceed to dip the washcloth in the mixture of water and soap before gently cleaning the mesh regions with the dumb washcloth.

4. Can I replace parts of the chair with aftermarket parts?

Yes, you can. Most modern chairs have standardized parts such as the rolling casters and the armrests. The standardization has made it easy to find aftermarket parts that will fit in a large number of chairs.

All you need to know is the exact dimensions of the part to be replaced – this information can be found in the user manual.

Pros & Cons

Pros of the Duramont ergonomic office chairCons of High Back Ergonomic Chair
  • The WorkPro 1000 series task chair features a breathable mesh on the seat and backrest for a cooler feel.
  • The assembly of the chair is quite straightforward and easy to do.
  • The price of the chair is reasonable and affordable with offers as low as $145 and the official price at $250.
  • The aesthetics and overall design are minimalistic and clean; thereby, appealing to most users.
  • The width of 27” is big enough to be used by individuals with wider bodies.
  • The inclusion of seat height, seat depth, and armrest adjustments make for a great ergonomic chair.
  • Eco-friendly production: the ‘made out of 95% recycled content’ makes it a unique and environmentally conscious product.
  • The chair lacks adjustable lumbar support.
  • Armrests do not lock in place after adjustments.
  • The seat starts to sag after months of use depending on the user’s weight and usage.
  • The seat lacks enough padding, it is rigid and does not become softer with time.
  • The maximum supported weight of 250 pounds excludes a lot of people from using.

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Final thoughts

WorkPro 1000 series task chair

The WorkPro 1000 series is a typical home office chair featuring the standard adjustments for its price and acceptable durability. Your purchasing decision will be based on a few factors; the price you get it at, expected life span, your preference on soft or firm seats, and finally, your preferred aesthetics.

All in all, the WorkPro 1000 series packs all the features you would need for a home office setup. Moreover, the addition of a unique breathable mesh back and seat makes it an exceptional purchase.

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