5 Best & Cheap Alternatives For DXRacer

by: Scott Pierce (founder, blogger & ergonomic consultant)

When DXRacer was founded in 2001, there was no other alternative gaming chairs on the market.

They were first and the only one manufacturer with gaming chairs created specially for gamers. But now?

Today we have on the market dozens manufacturers who create gaming chairs like DXRacer. But which one of them is the best alternative for DXRacer?

In this ranking you will find 5 amazing budget gaming chairs which look like DXRacer but they are much cheaper. Enjoy!

1. Deerhunter Gaming Chair with High Back Ergonomic Racing Chair

Deerhunter gaming chair is probably one of the best DXRacer alternatives. For me – it’s absolutely top knock-off. Even when you see it, at first glance you could say it’s just like DXRacer. But let’s take a look closer at it.

Who Is This Chair For?

At the beginning of each chair review I will always write for whom it is the best choice. Why? Because it’s most important thing. When you choose gaming or office chair, the most important is always your size and size of the chair. When you’d buy too small or too big chair it won’t be comfortable, whatever features it’d has.

So how about Deerhunter? In DXRacer case we always can check recommended height and weight on their official website. But when you want to buy cheap DXRacer alternative it’s not that simple. Less popular manufacturers in most cases don’t give us this information or it’s not too accurate. So the best way to know is to check reviews of customers.

This chair is the best choice for tall people. I checked reviews of Deerhunter and it was tested by customers who are 6’1” and 6’4” height. And it fits perfectly. I’m not sure about smaller people because when I was checking there wasn’t any review from them. It doesn’t mean that this chair won’t be good for them but you can’t be sure. Maybe from time when I’m writing this some other, smaller customers tested Deerhunter – to check it just click here and see most recent reviews.

Why you should consider Deerhunter:

  1. Comfort (loved by customers)
    Deerhunter chair is cushioned with cold-cure foam. Most likely that’s the reason why people love sitting on this chair so much. I checked reviews and customers who bought this chair just love comfort of Deerhunter.
  2. Great Design & Quality Materials
    Chair is padded with PU leather which is very soft, waterproof and durable. Deerhunter also give us 9 designs to choose from. You can find almost every color you want (it’s great when you already have room designed in a specific way). People think that quality of the chair is perfect and it looks even better than the price could suggest.
  3. Adjustability (backrest, armrests and more)
    If you want cheaper alternative to DXRacer with the same possibility of adjustment you will like this. Deerhunter has even deeper backrest recline (90-170 degrees when DXRacer chairs have only max 135 degrees). It’s perfect when you want to take a quick nap.Also arm rests are adjustable. In this case I found complains that armrests are a little bit wobbly but people don’t consider it as big disadvantage (actually in DXRacer chairs I also saw this kind reviews). Probably I don’t have to mention about 360 swivel and adjustable seat height because they are pretty obvious and standard features.
  4. Head & Lumbar Pillows
    Every good DXRacer alternative should has pillows to support your lumbar and head. It’s not different in the case of Deerhunter. Included pillows are soft and well-made and customers think that they are very helpful especially when you suffer from lower back pains.
  5. 5-star Aluminum Base with Silent Caster Wheels
    Durability is definitely one of the most important thing in every, even budget gaming chair. Deerhunter has 5-star aluminum base which ensure that chair is very sturdy and solid (what people also mentioned many times in reviews). Wheels are equipped with 6 cm silent brake caster so you can be sure that they are safe for your floor.


Customers Reviews – What they think about Deerhunter?

In Deerhunter gaming chair customers appreciate mainly two things. At first this chair is great when you have back pains, mainly in lower section. Some of them tested a lot of chairs but only this helped them.

Second thing is comfort. People really love sitting on Deerhunter and even customers who normally don’t leave reviews are amazed how comfy and cosy this chair is.

  • Adjustable armrests
  • Backrest has even deeper recline than DXRacer
  • Great for people with lower back pain
  • Awesome design and 9 colors to choose from
  • According to many reviews it’s very comfortable
  • This is rather chair for tall people. If you are smaller person before the buy check reviews if someone smaller already tested Deerhunter
  • Wobbly armrests

2. Homall Speed Series Gaming Chair Ergonomic High-Back with Footrest

These days on the market you can find lot of alternatives to DXRacer. But a lot of them have really poor ratings and reviews from people who already bought it. If you want something well-tested and top-rated you will like this DXRacer equivalent – Homall Speed Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair with High Back & Footrest.

Who Is This Chair For?

Homall chair was tested by over 100 customers. People who have used it were both tall and quite short and seems that it’s the best for average and tall people.

Big guys (6″4′, 270 lbs) tested it and it was very comfortable for them. Even during 8 hours of playing / working it was still comfy for people about 6 foot height.

Also smaller people used it (5″11″, 270 lbs) and for them it was (almost) perfect.

You can also find reviews from smaller people (for example female, 130 lbs) who also tested this chair. What’s surprising it was also quite comfortable for them. So it looks that this chair is great for average/taller people but also quite good for smaller users.

Why you should consider Homall Gaming Chair with High Back & Footrest:

  1. Nice Design
    Homall Gaming Chair High Back is very good DXRacer knock-off in terms of look. Colors and shape are very similar to the original brand. Actually one thing which is different is footrest (more about it later). Unfortunately, we have only two colors to choose (red and blue). They offer also black version but it’s a little bit different chair, without footrest so I’m going to focus here only on blue and red version. According to customers real colors of the chair are as bright as in picture.
  2. Footrest
    People really appreciate footrest function. It’s interesting, because DXRacer competitor have something what original manufacturer can’t offer. People think that after a few hours it’s very nice to have footrest to take a nap or moment of chill.
  3. Adjustable Armrests
    Homall also offer adjustable arm rests. In the description of the chair we can read that they are soft but I saw opinions that they are a little bit hard and some people bought padded covers for them.
  4. Cushions for Lumbar and Neck
    As in every good DXRacer knockoff, here you can also find two pillows for support you neck and lumbar.
  5. Great Price for Quality
    For this price (click here to check current) it’s really great deal. Chair is comfortable and actually it’s good for most people. There were some reviews about a little bit hard bottom cushion but overall review about comfort of Homall chair is positive.

Customers Reviews – What they think about Homall with Footrest?

Homall chair has great rating on Amazon, one of the the best from all cheapest DXRacer competitors. When I was checking it was way over 4 stars (something around 4.3 and over 100 reviews – I’m not sure how it’s now).

People love comfort of the chair and affordable price. For a lot of them it’s better product than they expected. Some customers wrote that it’s so comfy that you can even easily fall asleep in it.

Two mainly complaints were about a little bit hard assembling (it’s better to do it with somebody else, not alone) and second about hard bottom cushion. Cushion comfort is of course individual case and lightest people could feel it as a a little bit hard while bigger people need more solid and harder cushions.

  • Good value for this price
  • A lot of good reviews
  • Successfully tested by many customers
  • Footrest
  • Nice and similar to DXRacer design
  • For lightest people bottom cushion could be a little bit hard
  • Not the easiest assembling

3. Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair

I already reviewed two chairs like DXRacer but both of them were for average or tall people. Now it’s time for something even cheaper and for more different body types (also smaller people).

It’s another chair from Homall, another with great reviews and a lot of happy customers.

Who Is This Chair For?

Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair is very versatile gaming chair. It was tested by many people and it was fine for both people around 6 feet but also for short gamers around 5″4′. Actually a few taller people said that chair would be better if it’d be longer.

Pssst. Here you can check other chairs under 200 USD

So in my opinion if you are around 5″4′ – 5″11′ and you want low-price gaming chair this is the one for you. Of course if you are a little bit taller but you need something really budget you can try with this chair (but I think that previous Homall chair would be better for you).

Why you should consider Homall Executive Leather Gaming Chair:

  1. It’s Sturdy, Solid Chair
    Homall Executive Gaming Chair is made of full steel frame. Because of that the chair is very sturdy and solid and many customers confirmed that after the chair arrived to them. Some people said that their expectation were not really big because of low price but it was really nice surprise when it turned out that it’s “extremely sturdy” chair.
  2. It’s Comfortable Enough
    This Homall chair is great alternative for DXRacer if you have limited budget. It’s obvious that you can’t expect extreme comfort like in original brand but people really like comfort of this chair. They think that in this price range it’s probably impossible to find more comfortable DXRacer knock off.
  3. Lumbar and Head Support
    Yes, this chair also has pillows for support your lumbar and head. How about their quality? Generally people appreciate that so cheap gaming chair still has pillows. But their comfort could be better. Of course we can find reviews with only good words about them but also a few people complained that they are a little bit firm and for long hours of work or gaming they could be uncomfortable.
  4. Awesome Price
    This chair is winner when you don’t have big budget and you want chair in racing style. Around $100 you won’t find anything better so if your budget is 100 dollars you shouldn’t wonder anymore and just buy this Homall chair. But again, you get what you pay for and don’t expect superb comfort.

Keep In Mind

In contrast to other chairs from my ranking this one doesn’t have adjustable arm rests. It’s definitely big issue and one of the main features of most cheap chairs similar to DXRacer. This one doesn’t have that function so remember about this when you’re making the choice.

Customers Reviews – What they think about Homall Executive Gaming Chair?

Like I wrote before most of customers are a little bit surprised. In the good sense of the word. They are surprised that for around 100 USD they could get gaming chair which is comfortable and it’s looking very similar to DXRacer.

If you like alternatives of popular brands you can like our article about best Herman Miller alternatives.

Solid and sturdy construction is also big advantage of Homall because with comfort they are probably two most important factors when you buy new chair.

It’s a little pity that armrests are not adjustable but even without it people like the chair and overall rating around 4 stars and #1 Best Seller (click here to check if it’s still on #1) among Video Game Chairs say enough.

  • Very cheap price
  • Nice design, very similar to DXRacer chairs
  • Sturdy and solid construction
  • Best seller
  • Armrests are not adjustable

4. Merax Justice Series Racing Style Gaming Chair

Now it’s time for chair for people with bigger body. Merax Justice Series is great-looking gaming chair with very good reviews from well-build people. Merax is quite popular manufacturer with many good chairs and this one definitely deserves the place in this ranking as one of the best DXRacer alternative.

Who Is This Chair For?

Merax Justice Series Racing Style is chair for heavy people with wider upper body and tall height. Of course like in previous chairs this one also were good for lightest gamers as these type of chairs are built to be versatile. But still it’s quite hard to find good and cheap DXRacer alternative for heavy people – and this one meets the criteria.

Customers about 6 feet and 220 lbs feel really comfortable in this chair. So if you are big guy this chair should be your choice.

Why you should consider Merax Justice Series Racing Style:

  1. Aesthetic and Really Cool Design
    Colors of this Merax chair and overall design is really awesome. We can choose from two versions: blue and red. Tree-color stripes, quality PU leather are things which makes this gaming chair really good-looking.
  2. Big, Sturdy Base
    Sturdy base is the thing which makes this chair great for bigger people. Weight capacity is 225 lbs but in reviews even heavier people use it with maximum comfort. It’s nothing weird because Merax chairs usually use good and solid bases.
  3. Comfortable (Especially for Heavier Gamers)
    People in reviews really appreciate comfort of this chair. Some of them wrote that seat is a little too firm but this is only confirmation that this is chair for heavier people. They need firmer cushions than lightest gamers.
  4. Adjustable Armrests & Cushions for Head and Lumbar
    Quite standard but as you saw in previous chair not mandatory. This Merax chair has both adjustable armrests and cushions for support your head and lumbar. Armrests don’t have much cushion on them but people still like them. Most customers appreciated pillows (and their look) but for other they were a little stiff.

Customers Reviews – What they think about Merax Justice Series Racing Style?

Easy assembling, great design and sturdy, solid construction made this chair one of the best-rated DXRacer competitor. Of course some elements are worst than in DXRacer but for this price it’s really good alternative.

Customers appreciate design and colors which are slightly darker in real than on the photo but still very nice-looking.

When I’m writing this, the chair has almost 4.5 stars and over 20 reviews (click here to check current rating and price). It’s best score from all chairs in this ranking. Definitely worth at least check (especially when you are big person).

  • Great chair for heavier people
  • Big and sturdy construction
  • Cool, unique design
  • Awesome rating
  • It could be uncomfortable for lightest and smaller people

5.GTracing Gaming Racing Chair

My last proposition from chairs like DXRacer but cheaper is GTracing Gaming Chair. This chair is becoming more and more popular and I think it’s the best DXRacer knock off in terms of design I’ve seen. Even logo is pretty similar!

Who Is This Chair For?

This chair is probably most universal from all in this ranking. I checked reviews of GTracing and it was great for tall & skinny guys (6 feet, 130 lbs), big and heavy gamers (6’3″, 230 lbs) but also for shorter guys (5’9″, 200 lbs). I didn’t read reviews from really skinny and short people so I’m only not sure about them. But besides them it looks like this is perfect chair for everyone.

Why you should consider GTracing Gaming Chair:

  1. It’s DXRacer for 1/3 Of The Price
    People think that this chair is exactly like DXRacer but for 1/3 of the price. And it’s hard to disagree. If you see it, even logo looks very similar. Some customers had opportunity to compare it to DXRacer and they can’t find differences! A few of them even think that’s more comfy than DXRacer.
  2. Head and Lumbar Pillows
    Included pillows are very comfy and the one for lumbar supports lower backrest very well. People appreciate it because they are very soft but also because this helped them with posture problems. Design of the cushions is almost exactly the same as in DXRacer chairs.
  3. It’s Very Sturdy
    GTracing is very solid and sturdy chair. Maximum weight capacity is 330 lbs so it’s much more than other cheap DXRacer alternatives. This fact was confirmed by people in reviews who were quite heavy and they didn’t have any problems with construction and durability of the chair.
  4. Comfortable Seat and Backrest Cushion
    People like cushion of the chair and for most of them it’s really comfortable. I found just one review about hard cushion but as I mentioned before – it’s probably that the chair is for average / heavier people – if you are very light person it could be not 100% comfy.

Customers Reviews – What they think about GTracing Gaming Chair?

People really love this chair. Most of them think that if you are looking for cheap alternative for DXRacer this is the best one.

When I was checking the chair had 4.3 stars and over 50 positive reviews so it’s very good result.

Assembling is very easy and support in case of any trouble helpful. In my (and many other people) this chair is the best DXRacer knock off.

  • Probably it’s the most similar DXRacer knock-off on the market
  • Very sturdy and solid
  • Comfortable for most people
  • Some people can’t find any differences between DXRacer and this GTracing chair
  • If you are very small and light person cushion could be a little bit firm for you

Final Word

I hope that you found in this article your best DXRacer alternative. Some of the chairs which I described are cheaper, some more expensive than others but every one of them is less expensive than original DXRacer chair.

If you’d have any question or comments just let me know below!

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