Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair Review – Is It Really That Good?

by: Scott Pierce (founder, blogger & ergonomic consultant)

The Duramont ergonomic office chair is a state-of-the-art office chair that provides more flexible options than any other ergonomic chair in its class.

The ergonomic adjustable office chair comes with incredible features such as lumbar support, a high back with a beautifully made breathable mesh. It also comes with a thick seat cushion, adjustable seat height, and adjustable head and armrests.

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TL;DR – What makes this chair favored over other comparable ones

  1. The price of less than $300 is quite handsome when compared to chairs with similar features but with higher prices.
  2. The height of the sit is versatile enough to fit big and tall people. Most users will find the dimensions to be satisfactory.
  3. It applies ergonomic standards, unlike other office chairs that may prioritize stylish looks and design over functionality.
  4. It is stylish enough to not look like a machine and still serve the necessary functions.

This Duramont ergonomic office chair review will dive into the pros and cons of the chair with a clear focus on its features, benefits, and superiority over other same-class ergonomic chairs.

The target demographic for ergonomic adjustable office chairs usually entails 9-5 working-class individuals who spend 8 to 12 hours glued to their seats.

It is essential to design an all-around versatile chair that serves their needs by making them comfortable for long working periods. And that is what Duramont did; with the Duramont chair, customers get proper support, comfort, and correct dimensions with various adjustable options.

Duramont ergonomic office chair with lumbar support

The result of this impeccable design is a relaxed feeling while working for long hours, zero muscle tension issues, and an all-around functioning workstation. However, the question remains, is it going to satisfy most customers?

What we like about the Duramont ergonomic adjustable chair

Impeccable design and quality – dimensions aesthetics, weight capacity

You’d probably get tempted to pick the most stylish chair to accent your office setup; however, checking out chairs like these will get rid of that notion due to its build quality.

The design may look awkward or too function-oriented, depending on your design taste. For most people, the Duramont office chair will provide functionality and an added elegance to their office setup.

It is made out of high-quality materials to prevent deformation, enable durability, provide a long lifespan, and make it transformation resistant. The soft cushion used has high resilience, and the mesh comes from premium materials.

dimensions of Duramont ergonomic office chair

The product comes in at a weight of 44.6 pounds, dimensions of 44 x 28 x 24 inches, and a maximum weight capacity of 330 lbs.

A multi-way adjustable lumbar support

A stellar adjustable lumbar support cannot be underrated since it promotes great posture by maintaining the lower spine’s natural curve. Lumbar support is done by bridging the gap between the seat and lumbar spine.

Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair review

Some chairs will provide an S-shaped design or bulky lumbar cushions for lumbar support; however, the Duramont office chair takes it up a notch. It offers lumbar support via an adjustable knob at the back; it controls the height and depth and the support’s firmness. This design helps users personalize their lumbar support without relying on universally applicable support.

Ergonomic breathable mesh 

The backrest is tall (height extent of 42 to 46 inches) and has an ergonomic design that uses a thin, breathable mesh. Unlike thick materials such as leather, the breathable mesh provides a pathway for airflow and a cooling breeze to your back. This implementation prevents you from sweating in your seat after being glued to it for hours.

An adjustable backrest

The adjustable backrest is the most outspoken feature of this chair. The backrest is adjustable to help you find the best posture for comfort. The backrest tilt allows for a tilt of 90, 100, and 120 degrees but sadly does not fully recline to a 180-degree angle. Regardless, these angle adjustments are more than sufficient for work-related use.

Duramont ergonomic office chair

Rollerblade easy glide wheel casters

The Duramont office chair comes with rollerblade wheels that help you move the seat around smoothly. Moreover, the wheels have caster wheel coverings to protect your floor from any damage. Damage can be due to friction between the wheels and the floor.

The wheels get connected to a well-made, stable five-star base made out of anodized aluminum to provide a sturdy base and reduce the chair’s weight.

Adjustable headrest

A tall chair, such as the Duramont office chair, with its tall backrest, incorporates a padded headrest to provide head support. It also helps in preventing your head from dangling over the back of the chair.

It comes with height and angle adjustments. Users can move the headrest up or down to prevent slouching and find a perfect headrest height. It, however, cannot be tilted on its own; hence, it has to rely on the tilting adjustments of the backrest.

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Seat comfort and quality

The seat comes with a molded high-density foam cushion. The seat provides firm support to your buttocks and is durable enough to be used for years. It also has a good curvature design that gives you maximum comfort for hours. The seat height is also perfect for most body types.

Adjustable armrests for height and depth

Armrest adjustments on office chairs help relax your hands, arms, shoulders, and neck muscles. The arm adjustments help in varying the width, height, and depth of the armrests. Sadly, the Duramont office chair comes with height and depth adjustments alone.

What we don’t like about the Duramont Chair

Seat depth adjustments

Users should note that the Duramont chair does not come with seat depth adjustments. Proper seat depth adjustments help individuals maintain a good posture for back support while at the same time spreading their mass equally throughout the seat. This process is done by providing enough room between the back of your knee and the seat’s front.

We do not like the lack of a depth adjustment. The omission of this feature is not a priority but considering what else is present; one can only be disappointed that it is not included.

Duramont ergonomic office chair

Lack of armrest width adjustments

The lack of width adjustment options makes it difficult for relatively thinner or wider people to use the chair. For an excellent width posture, you would need an adjustable width of the armrest so that you can adjust your elbows to be directly under your shoulder.

The maximum weight capacity

Similar class chairs usually come with a topmost weight limit of 250 lbs. As much as the Duramont chair has a higher 330 lbs. rating, we still find it entirely restricting for some people.

What users say about the chair

The seat cushion is a bit firm but supportive.

The cushion is well made, but some office workers may say it is too well made. The cushion is made of a very firm material that does not feel soft enough for long sitting periods. It is, however, durable and does get soft and squishy for a more relaxed working session.


As much as the Duramont ergonomic office chair’s quality is top-notch, some users have complained about some parts’ quality. These parts include the armrests, lumbar adjustment knob, and wheels. It is no shock that a reasonably priced chair with so many features had to be made with a few shortcomings.

However, these parts do not wear off as quickly as you may think. It will still take years of normal use to see noticeable wear and tear.

The headrest is unnecessary but a must for others.

The headrest is an excellent addition to tall people who have problems keeping their heads comfortable on chairs with no headrests. On the other hand, shorter people find it unnecessary but still an excellent addition to such a rich-featured office chair.

Individuals with lower back pains enjoy it.

Whether it is because of age or working conditions, back pains are no joke when working long hours in a chair. Users with back pains and spinal-related issues have found the Duramont chair very supportive and comfortable.

The unique backrest with its curvatures and adjustable lumbar support helps in counteracting the effects of back pain.

Pros & Cons

Pros of the Duramont ergonomic office chairCons of High Back Ergonomic Chair
  • It features a tall backrest with a breathable mesh and an included headrest with many adjustments for the whole back.
  • The build quality is above average meant to last for years without letting go of the comfort.
  • It includes adjustable lumbar support that doesn’t come in a good number of office chairs.
  • The rollerblade caster wheels are sturdy, durable, and will perform OK on most floors.
  • Zero options for seat depth adjustment to provide great posture.
  • Armrests can only get adjusted for height and depth considerations; there are no width or pivot angle adjustments.
  • It has a topmost weight limit of just 330 lbs., thereby cutting off individuals who way more than that from using the chair. You will notice wobbly armrests and general instabilities if such individuals use them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to assemble?

Depending on where you buy the chair, it may come preassembled or in parts that will require you to piece them together. Don’t worry; the assembling procedure is straightforward; all you have to do is follow the instructions.

The container box has extra hardware pieces in case of any malfunction. The instructions are well-illustrated; if strictly followed, you will have your chair assembled in just a few minutes.

What is the price, and how does it compare to similarly priced chairs?

The Duramont ergonomic adjustable chair retails on average at around $299. A price below $300 for so many features is very attractive. The majority of office chairs with this excellent build quality, versatile features, and comfort cost more than $300. The Hermon Miller ergonomic office chair’s likes cost $800 with just a few extra features you may not need.

Does the chair come with a warranty?

Yes, it does. Duramont provides you with a five-year parts warranty and an impressive 90-day in-home guarantee. That is to say that if you try out the chair and you are not completely satisfied within 90 days, you can return the chair and get a refund.

Are the components as durable as advertised?

Several people have reported faulty components such as the armrest, wheels, and the adjustment lumbar control knob. However, these cases are few and far between, considering all the positive reviews left by most users.

The faulty parts may get attributed to poor usage, production difficulties, or the environmental conditions in which the chair gets used.

What is the knob under the chair?

The knob under the chair is used to provide tension adjustment while you rock the chair. You can use this knob to regulate the pressure applied when you lean.

Chairs that may be an alternative to the Duramont Ergonomic Chair

  1. Sidiz T50 home office desk chair.
  2. Novelland ergonomic chair.
  3. Sihoo ergonomic office chair with footrest.
  4. Xuer ergonomic chair.
  5. Nouhaus ergo3D ergonomic office chair.

Final thoughts

duramont office chair

The Duramont ergonomic adjustable office chair’s functionality and design show that you do not need an expensive, extravagant chair to be comfortable. The office chair ergonomics are well applied to this chair, providing its customers the necessary features. 

When you compare it to higher-priced chairs, the Duramont ergonomic office chair stands out as a well-priced versatile addition to your office setup.

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